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Ran a squirrel over other day.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 19102
Location: PDX

9/27/22 1:59 PM

Ran a squirrel over other day.

Usually I see them, but this one ran right under my front wheel from briar close to trail on right.

I thump/bumped over, luckily being kinda on the front weight wise at the time. Usually I am seat steer very light on bar grip, than might have been the determining factor for spill.

In my mirror I expected to see him rolling and busted up. But either I am not as fat as i thought, or he died later from an internal bleed out, err in...

It was like a nice buffered small speed bump. ;)

But always reminded of my most memorable NJ squirrel encounter. A full speed sprinter slammed into my rear 404 with a loud carbon speaker whack. ;)

No front critter scoop ups like I've seen on the net thankfully. ;)

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Joined: 09 Feb 2005
Posts: 5153
Location: Back in the snowy homeland

9/27/22 4:26 PM

You're lucky you went over it and it didn't go in your spokes. Saw the aftermath of that at the inaugural Millionaire's Row SR in Williamsport, Pa in '02. This kid caught a nut-loving rodent in his front spokes and went instantly ass over tea kettle as the critter got spun up against the backside of the fork. Kid went off in an ambulance, squirrel went immediately to the afterlife, and the bike may have been right behind the squirrel. Bike was still there when we were passing by for our race, an utterly tangled mess.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 19102
Location: PDX

9/27/22 6:26 PM

I once saw a truck chrome wheel cover clip flip into a guys wheel and hit fork. Well not see it happen, but passed clip, pointed to it, heard loud whack/crack and looked back to see the ArsOverTeaKettle of the rider. We were jawing at the back at ride start, and as the groupo hit the throttle and we got going to close back is when it occurred.

His wheel with one fork leg spinning on it, and the other leg slide up to me as I stopped.

Looking at the front wheel you could see the spokes had broke from mid spoke to a nipple hang by 5-6th spoke that musta snapped the fork. That wheel was going to colasp maybe anyway, low spoke wheel.

It 'was' a nice Calfee, amazingly Calfee had him a new frame/fork in a few days for some stupid low crash replacement cost. The carbon blew apart on TT behind head tube and the DT bulged staying mostly together. But it was the fork that snapped off at rim level.

He was actually OK, did a forward flip and landed facing forward sitting legs spread like a kid playing jacks. It was surreal thing to be around while happening.

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Nick Payne
Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 2626
Location: Canberra, Australia

9/28/22 3:33 AM

Years back I ran over a dachshund about the 400km point of an Audax 1000km ride. The dog came barrelling out of a garden barking furiously as we were heading into a small town at about 10pm. I was second in a line of three riders, and the dog went behind the first rider and collected me. My front wheel went over it, the whole bike lurched sideways, and I thought "I'm going to hit the deck here". Then the back wheel went over the dog as well and my bike somehow miraculously straightened up. The dog's barks turned to yelps as we disappeared down the road. The third rider in our little paceline was absolutely pissing himself - said he'd never seen anything like it.

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Joined: 12 Jan 2004
Posts: 3239
Location: Midland, MI

9/29/22 4:26 PM

Hit job

I've hit a few rodents over the years, and coincidentally hit a squirrel just last week. I think I hit its head as it dodged back into my front wheel. It was like riding over an acorn rather than the crunch of hitting it mid-body. I didn't see it run off and there was no body by the side of the road the next day, so its fate is unknown.

Many years ago my wife's front wheel scooped up a squirrel and it somehow ended up going round and round the bottom bracket as it scratched at her legs. I yelled to stop pedaling and sure enough, the squirrel dropped off and ran away. Whether he survived is an open question.

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