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Old experience once again

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7/2/21 9:26 AM

Old experience once again

Every spring after the winter overhaul, I'm used to having to tweak the barrel adjusters to dial in my shifting. This spring was no different and I had to twist the RD adjuster out a couple of turns as things settled in. Then I had to start turning the barrel the other way because it was slow going to smaller cogs. Why this didn't immediately trigger a "cable fraying" warning sign in my head I just don't know. This went on for a month or so with a half twist every week or so. Got caught in a rainstorm and then the shifting really went wobbly. I thought "Oh, it must have got gunk in the mechanism or the cable casings" and so went after it on the work stand. I finally peeled back the brake lever hood and there it was - a frayed cable. 35,000 miles on that cable so I can't complain. My excuse for taking so long to recognize the problem is that it happens so rarely. But my memory is that something similar happened the last time a cable frayed. BTW, things looked fine when I did the overhaul in January.

Just a reminder to all.

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