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Hinault-LeMond ESPN 30 for 30 Slaying the Badger Sun/Mon

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Joined: 12 Apr 2004
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Location: Springfield

5/24/20 1:41 PM

Hinault-LeMond ESPN 30 for 30 Slaying the Badger Sun/Mon

Stumbled upon the show over lunch, so this viewing is most likely over by the time you read this. On ESPN Sunday until 4:00 on my feed.

But it's on again Memorial Day on ESPN-2 at 7:30 PM
And a third time May 31, ESPN at 5:30 PM

LeMond can do little wrong in my book, we were born two weeks apart so there's the Walter Mitty element. But after seeing what Hinault went through in '85 he definitely deserved the win. The classic photo of his riding with blood streaming down his face is from that Tour. No, the strongest starter didn't win that year but the winner earned the victory. As for '86, they both needed the lessons they taught each other in that edition. And when has there been another team like La Vie Claire, split in half, racing against each other and placed 4 of the top 7 finishers.

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Brian Nystrom
Joined: 26 Jan 2004
Posts: 4667
Location: Nashua, NH

5/25/20 7:08 AM

While there's no doubt that they were both tough as nails (Hinault, especially) perhaps their domination was because they simply had the best doping program of their era. I don't believe for a second that Lemond was clean, if for no other reason than "he doth protest too much". Maybe he was "willfully ignorant", but he wasn't as squeaky-clean as he claims.

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