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Compression Socks?

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
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4/18/19 11:21 AM

Compression Socks?

The guy I got the Spectrum from suggested I try these. Says helped him loads. So what the hell, ordered some.

Anyone use? and with worthwhile results?

I have been using them with leg warmers, they come up so high I can pull the leg warmers up higher and not do mid ride adjustment like usual [long femurs].

Today 1st +70^ day, and I think both they would be too warm, and look especially dorky. Without the all black sock/knee warmer/shorts connection, which is like wearing tights.

But I have noticed I get no next morning get out of bed calf cramps since using. And no residual feel in my calves post ride. I have also reversed my last few years of saddle lower, back to +1.2 CM approx. Seems to me with more ankling in pedaling would make for more calves stress, not less.

I am also not sure what impact me being 30lb less than previous years if I am just not having to stress all my muscles quite as much literally carrying much less cargo.

I suspect it is all these things?

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