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WNBA Playoffs

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dan emery
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 6159
Location: Maine

8/27/18 1:22 PM

WNBA Playoffs

Watching the WNBA Playoffs yesterday. Fantastic - 4 evenly matched teams, each loaded up with great players.

And another nice note - Seattle's amazing Breanna Stewart was named the league MVP yesterday, and also had a great game. In the interview afterward, they showed the backs of her shoes, emblazoned "VOTE ASAP"

Receiving the MVP Award, her remarks included this:

ďThis year in particular for me is a story of transformation and introspection. From MeToo to equality, finding my voice and elevating my game has been intertwined in my journey. My hope is as a country we can do the same thing. Voter registration and voting has never been more important. You can see my shoes. Thatís why Iím excited to have this opportunity to accept this award while representing ĎWhen We All Vote.í The Nike shoes Iím wearing tonight were customized by a local artist Aramis Hamar and together we have joined forces to represent the local athletes and artists communities and to call on our fans in Seattle and beyond to get registered and vote this November. If Iíve learned one thing on this journey itís that accomplishments lies on the other side of challenge and today we are facing the biggest challenge of our lives. I hope youíll join me in this movement and forge a path to something better."

Pretty cool, IMHO

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