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Tivo; same old sheit. Cutting the cord does have some pains.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
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5/31/18 2:42 PM

Tivo; same old sheit. Cutting the cord does have some pains.

Legend: ;) DVR=Digital Recording Device, OTA=Over The Air [no broadband/cable], 1TB=1000 gigbytes for storing recorded High Definition

So we get the OTA Roamio 1TB DVR direct from Tivo, 36 month service contract. Includes guide [$15.00 mo] service for life. For life of what exactly.... But Service Contract is direct no 3rd party and includes shipping to and fro.

10 months in, the little fan starts a sympathy of low grade noise off and on. 11 mo in, occasional chatter grind & rattle from fan. Having been in PC building and laptop repair etc., I know what this is.

Call and process service contract per their support suggestion. We will bill you [more than the orig cost with lifetime guide service] and credit you back when the RMA gets returned. BZZT! NOT!

OK, we will wave that. Get shipping notification to land in a week, go to use the Original Box, and it is not in service. Wait until morning, 30 minute later on the phone, reactivated. OK.

Replacement comes missing the power supply and remote they indicated would come with [I had also said the remote is misbehaving]. Call them, 30 minutes later,"sorry, will send". Sill no remote and the PS comes US mail. I could have used the PS from the other no big deal.

Plug it in , DOA. Call into support because they have to say it, not me.

Anyway, I work for free for another vendor now.

The furtherance of my RFI on this last phone call I am told it is good it was DOA or died within 90 days from them sending it out and making it active [now I know why they made it active so fast, like before I had it].

This RMA fulfills the 3 Year Service contract [less than a year in] and we will be SOL then.

More Legend: SOL= Shiet out of Luck, RFI=Request For Info. ;)

Get better: wait for it. And also! It will cost $199.00 to transfer the no-monthly service guide cost fee that cost $180.00 a year which they wave for the first one.

So the service contract is worth very little. The RMA return box got the DOA new box inserted [not actually new, but checked over] and I canceled the RMA.

So paying them the $360.00 for the Unit with lifetime guide and 3 year unit service is debatable as to being the better path to have chosen.

Good point is they respond well to belligerent customers waving and so forth, this time.

So getting the Replacemnet one DOA helped, my escape clause. As now I will keep this one until it dies. The remote is RF and not IR, so works through walls, and no buttons actually on the unit either. Already have a long HDMI cable form projectors. It is getting put where is can chatter all it wants until it dies.

Anyway, know all this before you dive in.

On a side note, we where paying 134.00 mo for cable previously. So even buying a new one and paying the 180.00 year guide fee, you are not spending that kind of coin. You are getting less programming of course.

Thus, as Beldar Conehead sez: "it is as if you have me by the base of my snarklies"

And.. Montey Python closing music.

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