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How many bikes do you have personally...
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How many bikes do you have personally?
 2%  [ 2 ]
 11%  [ 11 ]
 16%  [ 15 ]
 17%  [ 16 ]
5 or more (but who's counting?)
 52%  [ 49 ]
Total Votes : 93

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Paul Datars
Joined: 13 Jan 2004
Posts: 1229
Location: Manotick, Ontario, Canada

1/23/04 10:18 AM

"not my life history, all are in my garage" LOL

So it began in '57 (geez I thought you were more than a year older than I), but why does it end in '99? Come on Dan, it's high time for a new bike :-)

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dan emery
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 6194
Location: Maine

1/23/04 11:29 AM

not life history

>>So it began in '57 (geez I thought you were more than a year older than I), but why does it end in '99? Come on Dan, it's high time for a new bike :-)<<

well there was a thread like this years ago and some officious types complained that you should only list the bikes you currently have, not every bike you've ever had, so I just thought I'd clarify (in my case the lists are pretty close anyway).

Actually, '57 is probably as good a guess as any as to when I got my first bike, and it was green, but not celeste.

As to new bikes, you may note that I got a cross bike more recently (may have been '01, not '02 as listed). Have mostly lost interest in new road bike stuff, am considering an Anvil MB for use in some summer misadventure.

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Bob McClennan
Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 130
Location: PA

1/23/04 12:06 PM

1. '93 Litespeed Obed MTB recently updated w XT
2. "92 Bridgestone mb-2 converted to SS
3. "91 Bottecchia SLX bought used at t-Town swap meet, currently a fixie
4. 2000 Ritchey Swiss Cross CX running powercranks
5. 2003 Pegoretti Fina Estampa w/ 04 Record (on order)

recently deceased
2001 Calfee Luna (recently totaled when hit by car)

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Joined: 23 Jan 2004
Posts: 787
Location: Georgia

1/23/04 12:26 PM

Too many bikes

88 Masi 3V
92 Centurian Ironman Carbon (Japanese copy of an Alan)
95 DBR Prevail TT (Sandvick built titanium, now sports Litespeed decals)
01 TST titanium (built for bankrupt Mongoose, now sporting Merckx decals)
01 Trek OCLV ( white postal colors)
73 Merckx commemerative bike by Falcon (department store quality but looks the part in Merckx orange and vintage decals, acually rides pretty nicely with good sew -up wheels on it)
97 DBR V-Link ATB full suspension
96 DBR Vertex TR hardtail
99 Diamondback Sherwood Hybrid (converted into commuter)

Every bike I have is a complete Frankencycle as I have an allergy to grouppos. If I buy a bike with a grouppo I take it apart and sell off most of the parts and rebuild with whatever, mostly Shimano. Although I can justify each bike, as they have specific riding purposes, I can still only ride one at a time. My goal in life is to die with little or no possessions so somehow I will need to get rid of most of the bikes. The catalyst will be when I sell off my huge collection of vinyl LPs, then I will have to start on the cycles. Having sold most of my favorite bikes of the past, Colnagos, Masis and Davidsons I should be able to sell most of my current collection sans tears. I will keep the 3V though, gotta have something to ride to the nursing home on.

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Joined: 13 Jan 2004
Posts: 228
Location: Plymouth, MA

1/23/04 12:26 PM

Five...Oops! I mean six...

Road Racer (Viner, steel)
Time Trial (Viner, alum)
Trainer/Cross Bike (Bella, steel)
Comuter (Specialized, cf/alum)
MTB (Trek, steel)
Beautiful ol' relic I can't bring myself to get rid of (Serotta "Huffy," steel)

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Joined: 16 Jan 2004
Posts: 1366
Location: Ft. Collins, Colorado

1/23/04 3:43 PM

Keeping up with the Jones'

Geez, as someone else said, I feel so inadequate - well, not personally, but on the bike front, I only have two! I must admit I've been thinking for some time how I'd love to add a carbon fiber frame to the collection if I found one on sale or on Ebay. But, here's my meager collection at present:
(1) 2002 Litespeed Vortex
(2) 1980 Colnago Super - recently restored, but with new equipment


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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 50

1/23/04 4:47 PM

Somewhere in the 6.5-7.5 range. . .

*Anvil Chisel road (Dura Ace 9)
*Habanero Ti (Ultegra 9)
*Surly Crosscheck (Shimano mix 9)
*Ibis Mojo - '97 model w/ Hand Job (Shimano XT 9, Race Face cranks, Rock Shox Judy fork)
*Ibis "Augie" single-speed (Kona rigid fork)
*Serotta Colorado II (fixed gear, soon to be single or 7-speed friction shifted)
*Anvil custom fixed gear frame/fork (to be delivered soon!)
*Ibis Ti Mojo (waiting on fork, will inherit components from Mojo)

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 17236
Location: Portland, OR

1/23/04 4:51 PM

re: Too many bikes

"I will keep the 3V though, gotta have something to ride to the nursing home"

That's the one I'd choose. ;)

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Kevin Grady
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 1721
Location: Seattle, WA

1/23/04 5:08 PM

How do you poll your numbers - then leave a message?

I put my number tabulation, but could not leave a message. Oh well, I'm here now....

I currently have four, the number being 4, which follows three, and not more than IV, none of which have stock components:

'90s Big Fish CX/commuter bike, who knew it would become a movie?
'98 LeMond Maillot Jaune.
'99 Specialized FSR, a sofa pillow for my aging frame!
'01 Univega, one of the final frames when Raleigh shut down the label.

I suppose if I threw two more frame in my garage, they might come out as complete bikes.

I will attest that Rich Doherty's eyes turned a metallic sherbert orange when he spied that Riv. Rambo.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 132

1/23/04 6:20 PM

Too many I thought, now I'm not so sure

1.Steelman SR Road
2. Steelman Cyclocross
3. Anvil fixed gear
4. Steve Rex fixed gear
5. Rock Lobster touring bike
6. Rock Lobster SS mt. bike
7. Steve Rex touring tandem
8. Klein Attitude Mt. bike
9. Bridgestone XO-2

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 132

1/23/04 6:22 PM

Forgot one

10. Serotta Atlanta road bike

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Erik Singletary
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 1168
Location: Podunk,SC

1/23/04 6:26 PM


'Dale 3.0
Klien Q2
Trek 8000 MTB hardtail

Never ride the old 'Dale.


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Bringer of Death
Joined: 16 Jan 2004
Posts: 120
Location: Rolly

1/24/04 11:07 PM


Hanging steady at 12. You can't ever have too many bikes.

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Joined: 13 Jan 2004
Posts: 351
Location: near Baltimore, MD

1/26/04 8:32 AM


3 complete and 1 frame (temporarily down for repair)

2000 Litespeed Liege
1999 Specialized Stumpjumper
1998 Litespeed Ultimate
19?? Hotta Perimeter (frame)

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Joined: 15 Jan 2004
Posts: 2916
Location: Excited Mets Fan

1/26/04 9:58 AM

Let Me Count .. .

93 Trek OCLV - The Bastard Climber [<16+ lbs]

97 C'dale - CAAD 3[4?] Fast Flats Cruiser ["Heavy" Bike]

99 Raleigh M80 - Whassup Mojo Machine [Winter/Woods Bike]

04 [?] Anvil - "Le Mont de Guion" - Imaginary Machine

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 3267
Location: NorCal

1/26/04 9:33 PM

I've lost count...

I've done a bunch of experimenting with frame sizing over the years, usually starting with used or discarded frames or bikes. This is the result. All are road-ready.

'73 Masi GC, 55cm, all stock.

'67 Peugeot PX10 54cm, STI & Roval tubie wheels.

'72 Raleigh Grand Sports, 57cm, Simplex, Stronglight, etc.

'72 Peugeot UO-8, 24-1/2", all stock, white, original "cheap ten-speed".

'72 Windsor Professional, 56cm, all chrome, w/P-R susp. fork & Daytona 10

'77 Windsor Carrera, 58cm, all stock budget sports tourer W/ chromed lugs

'97 CAAD3, 56cm w/Kestrel fork, D-A 9sp shifters, Topline cranks

'90 Specialized Epic, 56cm, D-A parts & Command shifters.

'83 Bridgestone Triathlon-Al, 56cm, road double w/"Symmetric" shifters.

'79 Detel (Japanese-made) Ishiwata 022, Command shifters, Fenders.

'84 Trek 520 Tourer, My primary commuter, RSX STI, rack, susp. post.

'79 Peugeot UO-8, 24-1/2", fitted with Phil/mod58 wheels & thumb shifters.

'76 Viscount Aerospace Sport, 22", fillet brazed, steel fork, 99% original.

'75 Viscount Aerospace Sport, 23", Upgraded with STI and 7sp freewheel.

'94 Holdsworth Special, 22-1/2", D-A 9sp STI shifters, Reynolds 531.

'91 Raleigh 753 Technium Team, Ultegra 9 STI shifters, mixed parts.

'79 Cheltenham-Pedersen, 1893 Repro, CX, Road, etc, Mixed parts, 700c.

'Pro-Flex 253 Hybrid, 18", w/rear suspension, 700c, I added a Metro fork.

'88 Iron Horse MTB, 19", polished aluminum, new Marzocchi and XT 8sp.

'95 Mongoose MTB, 18", Alum. cheapy w/Pro-Carbon susp fork, XT 8sp.

'98 GT LTS, 18", 4" travel MTB w/Judy and XT 8sp, mixed parts.

'99 SantaCruz Heckler, 19" w/8sp XTR, V brakes, Marzocchi Z1 fork.

Performance M501 MTB, 18", Susp. post and stem, LX, XT 8sp.

This is getting boring, I might have forgot one, oh yeah, the Cannondale touring bike also converted to hybrid with susp post and stem and flat bars, XT 9sp.

Oh crap, that's 25. Got to get rid of half of 'em, like, soon, and the 20+ extra wheelsets. A lot of hours into building up all this stuff, I've had enough, time to sell.

Last edited by dddd on 9/2/05 12:11 AM; edited 1 time in total

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 111
Location: Seatte, WA, USA

1/27/04 12:59 AM

Just one in riding condition

I've only got the one bike on the road so I voted 1.

1999(?) Fondriest Status w/ Chorus 9sp, 32 spoke Open "Is that a click?" Pros

Bare frames:

'99 Steel (Foco) Marinoni
'o1 Surly Crosscheck


PS So, who's the other loser with only one bike? ;-)

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Joined: 13 Dec 2003
Posts: 6540
Location: Westchester/NYC

1/27/04 1:39 PM

Only 66 votes?

3 bikes for me:

1 road (96 Trek 2120, about to be replaced),
1 hardtail (98 Diamondback frame, 97 LX groupo, mostly for guest only)
1 dually (2001 Santa Cruz Juliana Superlight, a mix of lx/xt components)

90 Trek 420 no longer ridable because I've "borrowed" some parts from it.

I suspect many who has less than 5 bikes didn't vote. Or the board only has 66 participants?

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Joined: 12 Jan 2004
Posts: 571

1/27/04 2:23 PM

Too many bikes, too little time...

1.Cramerotti Impero Carbon Fiber Chorus
2.Moots 20th Anniversary Vamoots Chorus
3.Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel Daytona 10
4.3Rensho prototype time trial bike with d.t. shifters, mavic cranks, neat stuff.
5.Basso Ascot 8spd Campy ergo/delta brakes
6.Chesini limited edition with 50th Anniversary group
7.Cramerotti OriaExtralight brazed cross bike.
8.Vitus track bike
9.Bob Townsend (Proctor) touring with barcons (very Rivendell-ish)
10.GT Zaskar X with XT MTB
11. Specialized Stumpjumper MTB(last year of steel frames) with 8spd XTR
12.Bridgestone RB-1 DuraAce with d.t. shifters
13.Murray Ohio (1968) cruiser very, very cool.
14.Nirve cruiser, very cool.
15.Independent Fabrications Deluxe MTB converted to city use and soon to be a single speed with an Eno hub.
16.Biria commuter (German) with Dyno lights, racks, fenders.
17.Fuji old school MTB (dumpster find) with Suntour power ratchets and the like.

I'm looking for a Panasonic Custom Team America (their Japanese custom steel bike) in about a 56 to 58 if anyone knows where I can find one.

Every bike gets ridden at least three times every year and by ridden I mean more than around the block. Don't need them all but it's not worth selling them as most of them are unique and can't be replaced except maybe the MTBs but I consider most mountain bikes to be disposable as you generally beat the crap out of them or you're not using them and shouldn't have them in the first place.

I'm actually a little scared as this is the first time I've counted them. I figured I was somewhere around 14, oh well.

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Ed Cangialosi
Joined: 16 Jan 2004
Posts: 11
Location: White Plains, NY

1/27/04 2:51 PM

5 Bikes

01 Coppi KCN Star--the ride
91 Atala Aelle--set up for TT
98(?) Bianchi BOSS--Winter Fun!
60 Popular Special--Inherited 3 speed English Racer--A great family bike!
75(?) Benotto Track Bike--Not so winter fun, but great for the rollers!

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 3630
Location: Brooklyn, NY

1/27/04 3:18 PM

No bell curve here . . .

You know, when I suggested this poll to Antney, I thought for sure that the median was going to be around 4 or 5 bikes. I had no idea what it meant to be an enthusiast on this forum!

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Joined: 13 Dec 2003
Posts: 6540
Location: Westchester/NYC

1/27/04 9:05 PM

Bell curve

Well, I guess you grossly under-estimated the core group of this forum! Had there been buttons for 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10+, I suspect we would have seen a nice bell curve with the mean somewhere around 6-8?

In the real world, majority of the people I ride with have about 2-3 bikes for road OR mtn. So if they only do one, they only have 2-3 bikes. But if they ride both road and off-road, 4-5 are not uncommon. From there, I can see why you originally thought 5+ could be a good enough "catch all" catagory. Not for this board.

I don't think I'll ever have enough time to make use of more than 3-4 bikes. So if I have more than that, they'll simply be "left over" bikes sitting in the garage.

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Joined: 12 Jan 2004
Posts: 140
Location: Erina, AUS

1/28/04 2:21 PM

15.Independent Fabrications Deluxe MTB converted to city use and soon to be a single speed with an Eno hub.

Why use such a nice rig as a city bike? That thing NEEDS dirt !!!!

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Joined: 12 Jan 2004
Posts: 571

1/28/04 4:25 PM


It's a beautiful bike but too short in the TT. I would have ordered another longer one but in the end I didn't feel it handled any better than any generic alloy junker I could get for a third of the price or less (which is why I bought the GT on clearance upon their demise for $200.) Plus, it seems like such a waste to get such a finely built bike and beat the crap out of it. I dented the top tube the first week I had it when I went down to Moab. And since there's no resale in a dented, used, handbuilt bike (I could maybe get $400 for it but that would be pushing it) I put the long stem on it, 700c disc braked wheels, rigid fork, and ride it to work. Yeah, it's excessive, and an expensive learning experience, but I look at the bright side in that it gets ridden a lot, probably more than if it was a mountain bike, and that's cool. And if it gets the Eno it may see some dirt again.

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Joined: 26 Jan 2004
Posts: 13

1/28/04 5:21 PM

ONE Bike
Mid 90s De Rosa Nuovo Classico with 7sp Simplex retrofriction shifters. 36H Nuovo Record wheels with MA40 rims, Vittoria tires, Campy Victory R derailleur, Athena F. Derailleur, Chorus aero seatpost, Cinelli Stem/bar, Look pedals, Athena 42/52 cranks, Daytona BB.
Now if I can only make a few bucks I would add a Calfee, a decal-less Merlin with those cool engraved logos, and an Ellsworth Truth.

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