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Inadvertantly made a 13-34 cassette

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 17067
Location: Portland, OR

3/6/18 3:31 PM

Inadvertantly made a 13-34 cassette

I had put a 11s chain on a 10 speed bike to see how it would handle just throwing an 11s wheel/cassette on from another bike.

Spacing is crazy close twixt the two FYI. Last week I tossed on 11s wheelset with 11-34 HG800-11 cassette. Bike has a GS rear DR. Trim the stops, and just a small twist of the cable adjuster at the DR, easy peasy.

Shifts perfectly, and the smallest cog does not come into play. [I hate 11 tooth cogs anyway]

This a 10 speed 13-34.


I like it too!

Mate to a 36/52 mid compact chainset, great. Especially since I put a 34 small ring on it and I'm old and fat and still like going up hills. ;)

Forgot to say slow with old and fat....

Maybe I will try my Juniors 14-28 making a
[-14]15-16-17-18-19-20-21-23-25-28. 97 GI max with 52. [107 GI max 52/13 above for a faster day, ahem] ;)

An old slow fat guys corn cob.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 17067
Location: Portland, OR

3/6/18 6:38 PM

Good Day! for a Multi Peaks Views ride...

And over and up the hill using said gearing...

57^, only slightly breezy, up the hill to the view, 4 miles from my house.

From standing in one spot, Mt Hood 80-90^ spin to the right/East. Yum, this never gets old for me. The hill to get the view OTOH. [Not that bad]

Less Huge shot:

Not Less Huge Shot:

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 3256
Location: NorCal

3/8/18 10:18 AM

Nice views there!

I gotta figure that one reason why some of today's drivetrains are so good at accommodating misadjustment or index spacing errors is the more consistent chain gap over wider cog spreads than in the past. Than and narrower chain of course.
Most of todays rear derailers don't even need/have any float at the top pulley, yet hold their tune and manage indexing deviation quite well.

I have a Synchro II shifted 7s Torelli which didn't get along with the freewheel cog spacing of the beautiful new SunRace 13-25t ramped freewheel I wanted/needed to use on it, but just changing to Shimano 9s HG73 chain really changed everything and the drivetrain is now fully up to the demands of spirited riding in these ever-rolling foothills.

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