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Speech recognition...

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Joined: 13 Dec 2003
Posts: 6378
Location: Westchester/NYC

7/29/17 7:39 PM

Speech recognition...

1) Chinese, on iPhone; GREAT!
2) English, on iPhone; Not quite, but "almost" usable. Just as slow as typing on the tiny phone keyboard with the hassle of correcting all the mistakes.
3) Microsoft Windows, English; Complete waste of time!!!

Typing Chinese is quite a drag. Especially for those of us who only does it occasionally. Doing that on a tiny phone screen is pour torture.

So, when I was traveling in China, and had to communicate with my high school friends by text/e-mail, I took a brave step to use the speech recognition in my iPhone. Surprise, surprise!

Or I should say I'm really, really impressed! It does a pretty good job of "recognizing" what I was speaking and turns them into writing. Boy, that was quick!

So I started using the speech recognition when I need to text my English speaking friends. Although I typically get "mostly" of what I said, it' often has mistakes in EVERY sentences. Sometimes got so far off that it's not even funny. Still, I use it. It's handy when I'm driving, for example. I don't have the time to correct the mistakes. I just let them be.

It's only natural that I try to use it on the computer. But here, it completely failed. My test sentence was "testing, testing". I got "nothing"! "Nothing" in two ways. First, it's temperamental whether the microphone even picks up my speech. Then, when it did, it "recognize" what I said as "nothing"!!!

Any of you use speech recognition in any situation? How's your experience?


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Joined: 12 Apr 2004
Posts: 3144
Location: Springfield

7/30/17 6:55 AM

Windows Phone:
8.x - English, I really liked the service. At first some of the misses were humorous and eventually they disappeared.

10 - I lost my enthusiasm once it literally began sending messages of "Cortana needs to learn from you."

I knew the 8.x phone didn't have the processing power to do voice recognition. It fed the audio back to a server for processing. That was confirmed by the fact it would be lost when I was out of range, and of course the phone never got hot from CPU use.

But this has turned into a kind of creepy "getting to know you" that I'm probably going to have to accept. The groundswell is too great and I'm part of a shrinking mindset that wants to protect casual invasion of privacy in exchange for convenience.

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