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Breadwinner in the hood. Orange meets Maine...
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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 19033
Location: PDX

11/27/22 5:25 PM

I'll take that as a no. ;) GRX=Shimano Gravel groupo.

I have some parts GRX series 810-11s 2x [31/48rings] FD/DRs with non series HYDRO STi and Dura flat mounts in a box waiting for something..

Main diff like Ekar and most gravel groups being +2.5mm chain line and wide range gearing etc.

Levels I think are 400/600/800 with 800 I guess being Ultegra level I suppose. Yada. There is a Di2 version as well. 812 IIRC. 31/48 chainset seems sensible for a double...

I am running the RSL Boone with Di2 XTR RD and a GPX 38t, 11-42 cassette. SO different than anything prior. I was going to try the 1x11 and then pop on the 2x11 cause I thought it be more versatile. But liking the 1x11 and close ratios riding alone anymore matters not.

Plus the RSL Domane popped into the equation 2x11 Di2, makes little sense to make Boone same bike as the RSL/SLR. Albeit a fatter tire version.

I agree with your RSL/SLR assertion I think you've you've made the 32s are perfect staying in go fast bike range/use, 2xYada...

Now you know, test next week.. [NOT] ;)

But orange with envy I gotta say.

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Joined: 09 Feb 2005
Posts: 5130
Location: Back in the snowy homeland

11/28/22 6:16 AM

In 11spd anyway, Campy thumb shifters can be multiple or single gears with multiple being in the higher end groups. But that usually is the same on the lever.

Not sure I fully understand the rationale behind having the Ekar lever do up to 3 and the thumb limited to a single. But I also don't see it as being a bother or a big deal. I tend to shift one at a time as it is unless it's a super fast grade transition at the bottom or top of a hill.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 19033
Location: PDX

11/28/22 11:22 AM

"don't see it as being a bother or a big deal."

I don't see it as a bother either, I just like the Campy bike I have with multi on up&downs. Di2 also will runn cassette holding the button, I have it limited to 3 max to a hold FWIW.

What I can do without is swinging the lever to shift due to some cubital tunnel syndrome that comes and goes. So cable Shimano if I use a lot can annoy once that gets irritated.

If not for the other things I like about Di2, I like tactile shifting feel. Di2 devoid. Campy ++ to in this dept.

I still have some Micro Shift 10s that is the most tactile and like them best for mechanical shift. But I have some to not tolerate cable not under bar tape.
I may try a V-brake noodle hack next bar tape change to reroute back under.

The MicSft STi cable for the shifter do exit and a down angle, a slight improvement over 90^ Shimano 10s, slight.

But FWIW I miss shift least with the MicSft, then Campy [bumps on thumb shifts] and most on Di2 as a result of least tactial or winter gloves. But I shift the Di2 from Remote buttons 90% and perfect non misses. Else I'd move away from Di2. But I've gone full hog and 1/2+ of the herd is Di2. The MTB Di2 are fantastic and super tactile, road... not so much..

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