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Next Toobie wheels rolling.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
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9/22/20 2:13 PM

Next Toobie wheels rolling.

Got some Rolf CX58 wheels with some good, but old glued Vit CX 23mm.

Ordered Clement/Donnelley LGG 25mm tubeless tires and got around to gluing them up, literally after the smoke cleared [bad week here]. Was not even sure if the wheels tires and Tacmac as well as our house would not be burned out after last weeks wildfire evac. Fire got 9 miles from us, thankfully the 30-40 MPH winds quit sooner than later...

The 25mm LLGs swelled up to 26.4 aired up to 80 PSI un-glued stretching. Glued/mounted on 23mm wide Rolfs they are 25.3mm wide and 26.5mm tall.

Trying to decide on PSi to roll them. Quick roll on my street to seat glue well @ 120PSi netted a pretty good ride.

Thinking I'll roll @ 85/90Psi

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