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Carbon bar give away. Well almost.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
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12/22/19 5:39 PM

Carbon bar give away. Well almost.

Bontrager Race X Lite IsoZone VR-SF OS 42cm UD Carbon Bar Non Packaged

Google or go to Trek Super Store or your LBS/Trek web pages...

A compact bar FWIW. weight 222gr on my weenie digi scale. Reason for this weight 'VR' tech? is some kind of inner liner [epoxy, vinyl?] to absorb buzz. Else they would be more weenier.

$299.00 MSRP, Sale $79.99

Local Trek Store told me Trek has a good inventory of these. The bikes they where supposed to be for got something different for what ever reason I was told.

Caveat being no shipping. But you should be able [like I did] to pay on line and get shipped to your local Trek/LBS.

Warehouse must have been close to my pickup store as I got the PU eMail next day.

Data point: 70mm reach, 120mm drops. Have a flat profile behind shifter. Something I leaned works for me. My thumb muscle likes the flat shelf and distributed pressure points, yada.

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