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Finally, a CO2 inflator that might be worth buying
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5/6/19 7:29 PM

"Except perhaps when using tubes on tubeless ready rims perhaps. ;)"

I've heard of difficulties removing the valve stem, otherwise I can (literally) do this in the dark, other than lining up the logo on the tire with the valve stem.

Pro tips:

When putting in a tube in the dark, keep one bead of the tire in the rim, and don't let the tire logo move away from the valve hole.;-)

Always "plump" a tube with a little air before installing it into the tire, totally prevents the tube getting trapped under a tire bead.

Before fitting the second bead, slide the tire/tube rotationally so as to make the valve stem vertical, i.e. aimed at the hub barrel.

Lastly, if using a tire iron to pry a tire bead, always swing the lever back and forth before prying, so as to dislodge the tube from a possible pinch-point.

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