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2019 and cardio update.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 17229
Location: Portland, OR

1/5/19 1:25 PM

2019 and cardio update.

So I made the last post of 2018, and this is the first post of 2019. zzzzz.....

So, do we have any cycling related New Years Resolution??

I have clumped my late 2018 Cardio Doctor/diag_results/BP Meds into mine. An actual series weight losing path a solid month in. So early start to the resolution.

I did this in 2000 when I broke my collar bone late Oct. I got started on the resolution for 2001 before the start of the year. Over 300 miles on the Computrainer late 12/2000 thru end of 1/2001. That was my best year on the bike [my 'has been' year] ;).

The lowest prescribed dose of the particular Beta Blocker I am on is doing it. My hope is that as in mid 1990s, my cycling and subsequent weight loss of 65lb then, will get me off the BO Meds.

Luckily, the BP MEDs are not causing a performance demise on the bike. In fact it seems to be quite the opposite, in that it takes a lot more to get anaerobic. I think Dan had said something similar.

The resting lethargic symptoms of the MEDs... Well, coffee is effectively offsetting. ;)

Considering 1/2 that lb loss is the extent I am over weight this time, fingers crossed. I will have to keep it off of course. If I could lose 65 lb, I'd probably be an actual climbing fool. That would be the way low end of weight, my 20s Moto cross racing weight.

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dan emery
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 6192
Location: Maine

1/5/19 2:43 PM


I am resolving not to break anything, particularly in the next 2 weeks (before I leave on vacation). Iím just riding indoors now (Mallorca today).

As Iíve said before, I think youíre on BP meds not because you have high blood pressure, but because you have an aneurysm. The aneurysm may well stay the same size, but it is unlikely to get smaller.

As to the effects of the meds, I dunno. Until about a year and a half ago, I never took a prescription med (other than short term after a procedure or something). I take a boatload now, BP, cholesterol (even though my cholesterol is low), blood thinner, also non prescription Prevacid. I donít notice any effects from any of them, other than my hr is limited maybe 10-15 beats at the top end (and I only notice this if I am looking at a monitor). Whether it limits my FTP, I would say probably, but I donít really know and donít particularly care. Iím not racing.

Iíve had another to add to my laundry list of physical issues. I was getting some sporadic but acute back pain on the left side and down the leg with certain motions, mostly bending. When it hit, I couldnít walk because I couldnít put any weight on the leg. I always managed to stretch and hobble around and work it out, but it was increasing. My PCP said itís probably a bulging disk and gave me some stretching exercises and some body mechanic tips (basically extending the spine rather than compressing it) and those have taken the symptoms away (at least for now). Sort of giving your body an alignment. I feel better on the bike as well.

Happy New Year!

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 17229
Location: Portland, OR

1/5/19 3:45 PM

"I think youíre on BP meds not because you have high blood pressure, but because you have an aneurysm."

She concluded I have the Dilation due to borderline untreated hypertension over extended period. I like the D word better than the A word. ;)

The arrhythmia specialist also used D, the General Cardio Gal liked throwing the A word at me. Perhaps maybe to scare me, it worked. ;O

Granted what they used to call borderline, and I have heard that said to me 10s of times when the cuff is coming off at the doctor. They don't anymore, borderline not a distinction used any longer for hypertension apparently. It 'was' for decades as I heard it nearly every time.

I am getting readings now under 120 systolic, something I do not ever recall even when on Beta blocker when 255 lbs. Under 130 was uncommon and low side. Thus Border line?

BTW, you are not alone on the compressed discs. I used to lift crazy heavy stuff in big renovation structural changes for 20+ years. When the Cardio Dr. said do not lift over 100 lbs I laughed to myself. I am down to about 50-60 for a while due to compressed discs. Just don't want to irritate a peripheral nerve in those spots and wait for them to stop complaining. Which used to be days and days before I started serious cycling @ 38 years old. High fitness helps make these events 2-3 day most.

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