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VLC ripping (tech)

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Joined: 12 Apr 2004
Posts: 3242
Location: Springfield

4/28/18 5:38 AM

VLC ripping (tech)

This is in the weeds for most everybody, but there are a few podcast/VLC users who might benefit. I'll end up using this for my notes just in case I don't do this again for 6 months. ---so why not share.

I didn't want to re-open "Indoor Cycling" for a tangent, but this is the thread where VLC was mentioned this winter:

VLC technique update (with politics!):
Today wanted to listen to our President's half-hour prompted monologue on Fox and Friends.

New-found technique:
Being a half-hour, it takes maybe 10 minutes for this laptop to rip MP3 from a YouTube stream like this.
The approach starts the same: Advanced open>Network>paste URL>etc>pause>right-click/save> new technique
There's a 'save' choice "dump raw input."
Considering how fast 128MB downloads I gave it a shot and it worked. A few seconds for a half-hour of video.
Then I tried save/converting the local file the old way and it was just as slow.
Next try: At the save/convert ...settings the 'profile' setting allows new profiles. There are three buttons, 'new profile' looks like a sheet of paper.
Under 'encapsulation' click MP3, under the Audio Codec tab check ✔ Audio, the default is 128kbps, everything was left default
Give the new profile a good name
Test using the new profile, it will be at the bottom of the pull-down.
--Instead of 10 minutes to rip, it ripped in less than 10 seconds, and sounds fine. Stock profile bitrate was 192-, this is 128- and the feed is 128- (~650- total bitrate audio/video)
--download took 10 seconds, 10 seconds and the process setup time is the same.
Plus I came up out of it with an HD MP4 of our President making the hosts of Fox and Friends uncomfortable for 30 minutes. --An MP4 that can't be removed.
---One last thing, It's probable that the "dump raw input" step can be skipped but I didn't test that and it's nice to know anyway.

OKAY, time to swing my leg over the saddle, it's Saturday and 70!

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 16925
Location: Portland, OR

4/28/18 10:34 AM

I must be missing something. Fiddling, I get an empty file.

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Joined: 12 Apr 2004
Posts: 3242
Location: Springfield

4/29/18 11:04 AM

Follow up

"Dump raw input"
Works great the next day, but I had to save without an extension and add one to the downloaded file. That important detail didn't make it into the document. The only type I've seen so far is MP4.

"MP3 rip"
False alarm, I couldn't duplicate it today either. The best I could do today was one third the bitrate, and marginally faster. Ripping a local file doesn't seem to make a difference. At this level what's the point if you have to take a stopwatch to it.

It's easy to get lost down that rabbit hole.

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