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looking for leak-free air tool fittings

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 4365
Location: metro-motown-area

11/6/17 2:06 PM

looking for leak-free air tool fittings

mine are leaky as hell. my compressor kick in all the time after sitting idle due to leak-off. serves me right for using the cheapies from lowes.

looking for a recommendation for leak-free couplings.

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Matthew Currie
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 769
Location: Vermont

11/6/17 4:29 PM

Usually those fittings work all right, but they seem to tend to wear out.

Make sure that the leaks really are at the fittings, and not elsewhere. You must also make very sure not to damage the ends of industrial style connectors (the ones usually present on air tools), because they will not seal well if damaged.

One alternative might be to switch to the "tru-flate" style. It's shaped a bit differently, and is much more common in automotive shops. It apparently wears a little better, and is less inclined to fly apart if improperly inserted.

You can even get a female coupler that will accept both types of connectors, so you can use Tru-flate for most things but still pick up an air tool with standard industrial fittings and use it too.

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Joined: 12 Apr 2004
Posts: 3235
Location: Springfield

11/7/17 4:36 AM


Just released yesterday, sweet dreams. YouTube

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Brian Nystrom
Joined: 26 Jan 2004
Posts: 4189
Location: Nashua, NH

11/7/17 6:28 AM

Have you checked the threaded connections?

IME, that's where most leaks occur and they're easily correct with Teflon tape. The other common leak point is between the hose and the barbed fittings. I've had some factory fittings that I had to cut off and replace.

I haven't had any issues with the actual fittings, even on equipment that's decades old. The only problems I've seen is incompatibility between some older and newer fittings; they just don't fit together.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 2524
Location: hillbilly heaven

11/7/17 9:52 AM

I have cheap stuff from Lowes and no leaks, so I don't understand whats leaking. I think you need to investigate further to find out where the leak/s are.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 16861
Location: Portland, OR

11/7/17 10:22 AM

Compressed air? Just use the force Luke!

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 4365
Location: metro-motown-area

11/8/17 10:28 AM

leaks are in the male/female interface

i can futz and jiggle them and the leaking will stop until jostled.

or i just disconnect and the leaking stop entirely, which proves that the leaking is at the wearable male/female interface.

what i have now is a total mixed bag of crap i've accumulated thru the years...i just picked up a couple sets of all brass deals from home depot, matchy-matchy males/females from the same mfg.

<img src= height=500 width=500>

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Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 1634
Location: SE Pa, USA

11/9/17 8:12 AM

My preference is the high flow style-Harbor Freight labels them as "automotive" connectors. These make a HUGE difference in power when using tools like an impact wrench. Also more secure and less likely to leak as labeled above.

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