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Old vs. New, Aero Bike

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 3613
Location: Brooklyn, NY

10/26/17 7:12 AM

Old vs. New, Aero Bike

This is a fun and interesting comparison:

That GCN channel has some good bike content.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 3239
Location: NorCal

10/26/17 11:15 AM

I had a hard time believing how big of a discrepancy that they came up with on the descent, though those cheap brake pads could have been easily more than half of the problem, with the unevenly-worn rim anodizing also contributing hugely.

Whatever advantage that one bit of braking tech brings to the table, it only escalates from there as the rider becomes familiar enough with it to use it to the fullest, though with weaker brakes there can emerge a more flowing and balanced style of riding into corners. Here though I believe they tested the bikes after only a minimal familiarization period.

Funny thing is that I've ridden road and mountain bikes to the same out-of town destinations and have recorded less difference in speed than these chaps found between these two road bikes.

I also noticed that they had differences in climbing speed that was far out of proportion with the total-weight difference between their two runs.

They didn't mention what kind of tires that the Raleigh was wearing (could have been pretty awful), or whether that 26lb used bike might have even had puncture-resisting strips or tubes(?).
Used bikes that I buy typically have bindingly-tight hub bearings fwiw, especially the cheaper ones.

Coincidentally, one of the rider's on yesterday's ride told me about a new video from these two that compared new vs. vintage bikes. I don't think I've seen it yet, but previous such videos were biased in that the rider on the old bike was shown to be unfamiliar with the gear ratios as he found himself in the lowest gear unexpectedly, with sudden slowing the predictable result. A well-versed rider would have been out of the saddle and used higher output to maintain speed as the lowest gear was approaching.
I was riding my ~28lb 1973 Raleigh Super Course yesterday and managed to catch and stay with the lead group following each regroup.
And I have yet to notice disc-braked riders descending any faster on public roads than riders with good rim brakes. I should mention though that it is dry here.

But as suggested by the magazine covers over the last couple of years, we all need to be riding disc-braked bikes, right?

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 16861
Location: Portland, OR

10/26/17 2:11 PM

"Because most of it feel like it's 20%"


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