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Le Ride

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Nick Payne
Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 2352
Location: Canberra, Australia

3/29/17 4:55 AM

Le Ride

Saw this the other night - enough of us local cyclists got together and pre-purchased tickets to have a one-off screening put on in one of the smaller cinemas at a local multiplex. It was really pretty interesting and well put together - an NZ documentary filmmaker gets interested in the 1928 TdF, in which a four man team comprising three Australians and one New Zealander competed against 10 man teams from Europe. He and his American friend decide they'll ride the route of the 1928 tour over the same stages and following the same schedule as the original race - plus they decide to make it even harder by riding original two-speed bicycles of the period. The coverage of them riding the route is interspersed with historical footage of the 1928 event.

Steven Hodge - a local cyclist and six time TdF finisher - gave us a brief intro before the film, and another friend who collects bikes had a couple of road racing machines of the period on display in the foyer.

If it comes to your area, try to see it.

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