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PDX Convention Center Arts/Crafts

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4/29/13 1:10 PM

PDX Convention Center Arts/Crafts

Wife and I went downtown to see offerings of all type of wares. I stuck to the wood and glass sections, Elaine jewelry etc.

Talked with a few wood guys with booths [400.00 for 50SF] exchanged finishing tricks etc.

Ron Gerton and I got to be chatty and chummy, thought I'd share his web site.

His depth goes so far beyond my own 2 dimensional current capability it both scared and motivated me.

I intend to do some things with the wood left over form my guitar building, and hate to waste even .1 board feet of some of the Bubinga, Sapele, Walnuts, and other woods I have between 40 and 100 years old.

I even got a bunch of wild crotch Maple with insane figure green last year. I made a small kiln, and that was successful. Thus I am planing on more of that activity. Even though I have been using old growth reclaimed exotic wood mostly up until now. ;)

Thought I'd share that as well.


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